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Types of Instagram Posts That Delivers Results
21 September 2019

Types of Instagram Posts That Delivers Results


Almost Every person has an Instagram account. If you want to reach your audience, Instagram is the best way to promote your brands among your family, friends and friends of friends.

If you are not using Instagram, you are lagging behind your competitors.

Whenever you post some content related to your brand, make sure that your posts are helpful in terms of traffic and sales.

Below, we are providing some Instagram posting ideas like how it should be posted and how it can help you to get better results and more followers.


Provide Exclusive Content

Exclusive content means “behind the scenes content”. If you are providing content which gives an inside look at your business then your customer will feel like they know you and this will get more trust for your brand and develops a long term connection with your clients.


Use The Right Time to Post

Posting your content in a timely manner is an effective way to generate more leads. According to experts if you post at 2AM and 5PM then you will get the most viewers for your post and involves more than just clicking on the post at the right time.

By analyzing your previous posts, choose the time when your viewers are most active and keep that time in mind for further posting of your content.


Post User Generated Content

It builds your presence on the Instagram platform. If your post is centered on your customer, then it will profitable for your business. If your viewers know that whatever you are posting is connected to them or their life or that it will be beneficial to their business, they will definitely show interest.


Add A Location to Your Post

Location plays an important role in social media marketing. Adding a location to your post gives a way for your viewers to learn more about your business. If any viewer clicks on to your location, he will get all the posts related to your brand belonging to the same location. This will be a great opportunity to turn your followers into your new customer.


Use Images & Videos in Your Post

Visual presentation is the key to Instagram marketing. Adding photos, videos and memes gives extra marks for your business. Images speak a lot. The use of relevant images and videos in your posts gives understanding to viewers in less time.

You can use videos for a better explanation of your brand. Videos are the best marketing strategies in today’s scenario.


Post At Least Once in a Day

Suppose you have not posted any content for a long time, then your viewers might think that you are not an active user. Thus, they will not show any interest and walk away from your site. So, it is necessary to post at least once in a day.

Give your full attention to the customer and for this it is necessary to show your presence every day to your viewers. It will keep you up to date with the comments of your customers.



Instagram is now used by all small or big businesses. So, it is necessary to learn how you can make your posts effective in terms of online marketing.

If you want to use Instagram for promoting your services, you can try these ideas to boost your business.


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